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We have stayed at a lot of hotels in South East Asia in our travels. Some good, some bad, and some beyond belief. Here are some we have stayed in, and feel we can recommend.
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Genting Highlands
Although Genting Highlands may have started out as an English hill station, it has long since evolved to become an entertainment mecca for Malaysian tourists and gamblers. It is now Malaysia's equivalent to Disneyland and Las Vegas mixed into one.
Genting Highlands consists of a total of five different hotels, two huge casinos, and three theme parks all owned by the Genting corporation.

Every building is linked to everything else with underground arcades and tunnels, and as a result, it would be possible to spend a week here and see daylight only through your hotel window. Genting highland complex is predominantly a domestic tourist destination, and as a result, you may only see a handful of foreign tourists. This is a destination a travel agent would not send you to, but we think it is worth visiting and seeing how the Malaysians holiday, gamble and relax.
Genting Corp run all five hotels, they have one in each price range, so it is really a matter of deciding what you wish to pay and then inspecting to ensure you are happy with the rooms. We believe them to be pretty good value, probably because they believe you will spend your money in the rest of their complex anyway. Some of the views from the network of overhead walkways as exceptional, and well worth an exhaustive walk around them. Genting would be the only theme park in the world total surrounded by clouds!
 An activity well worth experiencing, is donning heavy coats, boots and gloves and watching the Malaysians in the Indoor artificial snowfield, that is clearly a first time experience for all of them!.
First World Hotel Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Hotel Genting Highlands
Genting HighlandsMalaysia

Awana Golf & Country Resort Genting
8Th Mile,
Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands Hotels